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Nice to meet you

I feel like what you’re seeing here is Chelsea Bos Photography 2.0

I have evolved over the past few years.  I could tell you how I got my start in this business, but it’s not nearly as interesting a story as how I kept going. Your story, you, that's what kept me changing, evolving, growing and learning as a photographer.

The story of your new found love, your first day as a wife, your fears and joys over your growing belly, the birth of your child, those first days at home, watching the years pass in the blink of an eye…

Well, that’s my story, too. 

You keep me in the present.  Cherishing the moment as it’s happening, clicking my camera to the beat of my heart.  Being behind the lens requires me to be hyper focused on the here and now, or I could miss it.  

You remind me of the best times of my past.  I get to relive my wedding vows over and over as I photograph yours. I get to sit with a younger version of myself as I edit your photos of you and your new baby and remember my first days at home, too.

You keep me hopeful for the future as I photograph you, your 6 kids, your 17 grandkids, and together we relish in the glorious chaos of it all and realize that life is fleeting, moments are precious, and that time stops for no one. 

YOU give me a purpose.